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Figure 2

From: Functional characterization and gene expression profiling of Drosophila melanogastershort dADA2b isoform-containing dSAGA complexes

Figure 2

Co-immunoprecipitation of dADA2b isoforms with dADA3 and dp53. A: Immunoblot of dAda2b null (dAda2bd842left lane) and wild type (w1118) animals developed with antibodies specific for dADA2b (top) and actin (bottom). An additional dADA2b antibody immunoreactive band is indicated by X. B and C: FLAG-dADA2bL co-immunoprecipitates with HA-dADA2bS and FLAG-dADA2bS co-immunoprecipitates with HA-dADA2bL. D and E: Both FLAG-dADA2bL and FLAG-dADA2bS co-immunoprecipitate with HA-dADA3 and HA-dp53. In each panel the epitope tag-containing proteins co-expressed in S2 cells are indicated in the upper part. On the left the immunoprecipitated sample (IP) and the lysates (twice) are shown. The antibodies used for developing the blots are shown on the right.

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