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Figure 5

From: Functional characterization and gene expression profiling of Drosophila melanogastershort dADA2b isoform-containing dSAGA complexes

Figure 5

Gene expression changes in dAda2b null (dAda2bd842) and dAda2bS - EGFP transgene-carrier dAda2bd842(dADA2bS) larvae. A: The upper Venn diagram shows the overlap among those genes of dAda2b null and dADA2bS expressing larvae which show less than 50% of wild type expression. The numbers of affected mRNAs are indicated. Underneath, the affected genes shown on the top are grouped according to GO categories. In the middle are those genes (309) which show decreased expression in dADA2bS larvae. The bottom panel shows the GO categories of those genes (124) which have a decreased mRNA level in dADA2bS larvae only. B: As in part A, but for genes displaying a higher mRNA level in dAda2b null and dADA2bS larvae. Genes which showed at least two-fold increase in mRNA levels are shown only.

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