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Table 1 List of mutations found in BW4005.1 and BW4005.C6

From: A case of adaptation through a mutation in a tandem duplication during experimental evolution in Escherichia coli

Event number Genome positiona Gene name Type Present inb
1 541,030 ahpC 3-bp deletion BW4005.1
2 2,058,010-2,060,677 ogrK-yegS-yegR 2668-bp deletion BW4005.C6
3 1,993,429-2,172,740 NAc ~180-kb duplication BW4005.C6
  1. aThe positions are given according to the genome sequence of the ancestor strain BW2952 [29]. bThe genome sequence of BW4005.1 was first obtained and detected only the first mutation, while the one of BW4005.C6 was obtained afterwards and contained the three mutations. cNot applicable.