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Table 5 GO term enrichment in transcript groups significantly regulated by low temperature, low N or low P stress

From: Adaptation of maize source leaf metabolism to stress related disturbances in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus balance

Stress Regulation Process Function Compartment
LOW T down anion transport heme binding none significant
   phosphate transport tetrapyrrole binding  
   organic acid transport phosphoric ester hydrolase  
   amino acid phosphorylation anion transmembrane transporter  
   protein modification phosphate transmembrane transporter  
   lipid metabolism protein kinase activity  
   carbohydrate metabolism transcription factor regulation  
   gene expression oxidoreductase regulation  
   regulation of nitrogen metabolism lipase activity  
    sugar binding  
  up translation glycosyl bond hydrogenase ribosome
   protein metabolism   cytoplasm
   nitrogen compound metabolism   
   gene expression   
   polysaccharide metabolism   
LOW N down nitrogen compound metabolism phosphoric ester hydrolase none significant
   phosphate transport phosphate transmembrane transport  
   oligosaccharide biosynthesis phosphatase  
   trehalose biosynthesis heme binding  
   amine metabolism tetrapyrrole binding  
  up none significant glycosyl group transferase none significant
    enzyme regulator activity  
    nucleoside-triosephosphatase regulation  
LOW P down none significant none significant none significant
  up response to oxidative stress oxidoreductase cell wall
   lipid metabolism heme binding  
   polysaccharide metabolism tetrapyrrole binding  
   nitrogen compound metabolism antioxidant activity  
   phosphate transport lipase activity  
   cell wall degradation phosphoric ester hydrolase  
   alcohol metabolism phosphate transmembrane transport  
    phosphatase activity  
    chitinase activity  
  1. Analysis was performed using the AgriGO webtool [36]. The results were summarized to avoid repetition.