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Table 1 Details of virus isolates analysed in this study

From: Next generation sequencing of viral RNA genomes

Virus Original reference Host species Origin Year of isolation GenBank no.
Lyssavirus RABV      
RV2324 ISR-50 Dog Israel 1950 KF154998
RV50 AZBAT 7453 Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) US, Az 1975 JQ685956*
RV61 - Human (canine strain) UK (ex-India) 1987 KF154996
RV437 269 Raccoon Dog Estonia - KF154997
RV2417 R16/08 Dog UK (ex Sri Lanka) 2008 KF154999
RV2627 CASA 09/08 Cow (Canine strain) Morocco 2009 KF155001
RV2772 Rab91/ D10-867 Dog Tanzania 2010 KF155002
RV2516 23 Cow (Canine strain) Iraq 2010 KF155000
Lyssavirus EBLV-1      
RV20 RA552 Bat (Eptesicus serotinus) Denmark 1986 KF155003
Lyssavirus EBLV-2      
RV1787 603-04 Bat (Myotis Daubentonii) UK (Staines) 2004 KF155004
Lyssavirus IKOV      
RV2508 snp0971# African Civet Tanzania 2011 JX193798
  1. * Published after sequence was obtained prior to this publication.
  2. Sequence confirmed by Sanger sequencing from the bat brain material.
  3. #Both brain and TCSN were sequenced. For analysis see Table 2.
  4. - Data not available.