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Table 3 N. apis s equences that show homology to annotated and experimentally verified pathogenicity and virulence genes of microsporidia species

From: Genome sequencing and comparative genomics of honey bee microsporidia, Nosema apis reveal novel insights into host-parasite interactions

Product/Gene Sequence ID Function Homologous to N. ceranae Organism whose annotated sequence has top BlastP hit Reference
1) Polar Tube Protein      
PTP2 NAPIS-00435   Yes N. bombycis [77]
PTP3 NAPIS-01921 Host cell invasion Yes N. bombycis [77]
PTP3 NAPIS-01922   Yes N. bombycis [77]
2) Spore Wall Protein      
SWP12 NAPIS-00521   Yes N. bombycis [78]
SWP25 NAPIS-00461   Yes N. bombycis [79]
  NAPIS-00514 Structural capacity & Yes N. bombycis [79]
  NAPIS-01092 host cell adhesion Yes N. bombycis [79]
SWP26 NAPIS-00203   Yes N. bombycis [80]
SWP32 NAPIS-00269   Yes N. bombycis [78]
3) Endochitinase      
  NAPIS-02055 Spore attachment Yes E. hellem [56]
  NAPIS-02138   No E. hellem [56]
4) Chitin synthase      
  NAPIS-01775 Spore attachment Yes E. intestinalis [53]
  NAPIS-02139 & pathogenicity Yes E. hellem [56]
6) Mitogen-activated protein kinase      
  NAPIS-01928 Pathogenicity Regulation Yes E. intestinalis [53]
7) ATP/ADP Translocase      
  NAPIS-01593   Yes E. cuniculi [50]
  NAPIS-01593 Energy parasitism Yes E. cuniculi [50]
  NAPIS-02128   Yes E. cuniculi [50]
  NAPIS-02287   Yes E. cuniculi [50]
8) Transferase      
  NAPIS-00457   No E. hellem [56]
  NAPIS-00459 Pathogenicity Yes E. cuniculi [50]
  NAPIS-00459 regulation Yes E. intestinalis [53]
  NAPIS-00578   No E. hellem [56]
  NAPIS-00596   Yes E. hellem [56]
9) Splicing machinery      
  NAPIS-00564   Yes E. intestinalis [53]
  NAPIS-00654 Pathogenicity Yes E. intestinalis [53]
  NAPIS-01012 regulation Yes E. hellem [56]
  NAPIS-02190   Yes E. romaleae [56]
  9) Putative secretive proteins (399 proteins listed in Additional file 4: Table S1)