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Table 4 Top canonical pathways modulated by L-OHP in HT-29R

From: Oxaliplatin induces different cellular and molecular chemoresistance patterns in colorectal cancer cell lines of identical origins

Canonical pathways HT-29R p-value Log ratio Molecules
Interferon signaling 2,51E-05 1.94E-01 IFIT3, IFIT1, IFITM1, MX1, IRF9, PSMB8, STAT1
Methylglyoxal degradation III 2,04E-04 1.74E-01 AKR7A3, AKR1C1/AKR1C2, AKR1B10, AKR1B1
Cholesterol biosynthesis I 4,17E-04 1E-01 SQLE, DHCR7, MSMO1, CYP51A1
Cholesterol biosynthesis II (via 24,25-dihydrolanosterol) 4,17E-04 1E-01 SQLE, DHCR7, MSMO1, CYP51A1
Cholesterol biosynthesis III (via Desmosterol) 4,17E-04 1E-01 SQLE, DHCR7, MSMO1, CYP51A1
LXR/RXR activation 7,76E-04 8.09E-02 SCD, TTR, LDLR, SREBF1, AMBP, SERPINA1, PTGS2, TLR3, IL1RAP, CYP51A1, AGT
Mevalonate pathway I 4,47E-03 1.07E-01 IDI1, HMGCS2, HMGCS1
Creatine-phosphate biosynthesis 4,90E-03 3.33E-01 CKB, CKMT1A/CKMT1B, LCMT2
Activation of IRF by Cytosolic pattern recognition receptors 5,75E-03 8.33E-02 DHX58, IFIH1, IRF9, STAT1, IFIT2, ISG15
Tryptophan degradation X (Mammalian, via Tryptamine) 1,05E-02 1.03E-01 ALDH1A3, DDC, MAOA
Zymosterol biosynthesis 1,17E-02 9.09E-02 MSMO1, CYP51A1
Maturity onset diabetes of young (MODY) signaling 1,95E-02 9.68E-02 FOXA2, FABP1, HNF4A
Eicosanoid signaling 2,19E-02 6.25E-02 DPEP1, PNPLA3, RARRES3, PTGS2, ALOX5
Ketogenesis 2,69E-02 9.52E-02 HMGCS2, HMGCS1
Acyl-CoA hydrolysis 3,31E-02 1.25E-01 ACOT4, HNF4A
PXR/RXR activation 3,47E-02 5.75E-02 SCD, NR0B2, CYP2B6, HMGCS2, HNF4A
Colorectal cancer metastasis signaling 3,89E-02 4.67E-02 VEGFA, MMP7, RND3, TGFB1, FZD3, GNB5, TGFB2, PTGS2, TLR3, STAT1, FNBP1, WNT5A
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling 4,17E-02 4.97E-02 TGM2, TFF1, NR0B2, ALDH1A3, TGFB1, TGFB2, ALDH18A1,NRIP1
p38 MAPK signaling 4,27E-02 5.98E-02 DDIT3, TGFB1, TGFB2, MKNK2, RPS6KA2, STAT1, IL1RAP
Choline biosynthesis III 4.64E-02 9.09E-02 CHPT1,PLD1
Histamine degradation 4.64E-02 6.9E-02 ALDH1A3,ABP1
Adenosine nucleotides degradation II 4.64E-02 8E-02 NT5E, ADA
Wnt/β-catenin signaling 5E-02 5.2E-02 MMP7, CDH3, TGFB1, PPP2R3A, TGFBR3, FZD3, CD44, TGFB2, WNT5A