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Table 3 A. carolinensis genes that are unique to the ASU annotation and have vertebrate orthologues

From: Genome reannotation of the lizard Anolis carolinensis based on 14 adult and embryonic deep transcriptomes

Gene ASU
Annotated genes 2,928
Annotated transcript isoforms 3,612
Annotated isoforms/gene 1.23
All transcript isoforms 3,612
Transcripts with start & stop codons 2,698
Transcripts missing start or stop codon 914
Single exon transcripts 301
Transcript N50 length 2,157
Average coding sequence length 1,182
Total number of exons 18,921
Exons with start with codon 2,468
Exons without start or stop codon 13,901
Exons with stop codon 2,300
Exons/annotated transcript 6.35
Average exon length 188
Total exon length 3,569,265
3' UTR
Total transcripts with 3'UTR 1,323
Average length of transcripts with 3'UTR 761.2
Total 3'UTR sequence length 1,007,040
5' UTR
Total transcripts with 5'UTR 1,816
Average length of transcripts with 5'UTR 238.7
Total 5'UTR sequence length 433,533
Total number of introns 15,835
Average intron length 5,304
Total intron sequence length 83,999,254