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Table 1 Individuals with significantly different distributions of GERP scores within populations for singletons at nonsynonymous sites

From: Selective constraint, background selection, and mutation accumulation variability within and between human populations

Individual 1 Individual 2 Population Mann–Whitney U p-value Kolmogorov-Smirnov p-value
HG00244 HG00253 GBR 0.03720 NS
HG01342 HG01374 CLM 0.00036 3.29e-05
HG01342 HG01112 CLM NS 0.00657
HG01342 HG01494 CLM NS 0.02885
HG01342 HG01274 CLM 0.02758 NS
HG01374 HG01551 CLM 0.00147 7.53e-05
HG01374 HG01550 CLM NS 0.04320
HG01374 HG01488 CLM 0.02787 0.02099
HG01551 HG01274 CLM 0.03460 NS
NA19429 NA19321 LWK 0.02957 NS
NA19384 NA19321 LWK 0.04720 NS
NA19660 NA19741 MXL 0.04898 NS
NA19723 NA19681 MXL 0.00993 0.00853
NA19723 NA19783 MXL 0.00110 0.02363
NA19723 NA19741 MXL 0.00090 0.00834
NA19723 NA19654 MXL 0.02773 NS
HG01167 HG01072 PUR 0.00204 0.02393
HG01072 HG01108 PUR 0.00015 NS
HG01072 HG01204 PUR 0.00207 0.02961
HG01072 HG01051 PUR 0.02411 NS
HG01072 HG01052 PUR 0.00866 NS
HG01082 HG01108 PUR 0.03430 0.00019
  1. P-values are shown for Mann–Whitney U and Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests after Bonferroni correction, unless the result is non-significant (NS).