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Table 2 The maximum absolute difference in power (over the respective causal genes) between weighting and collapsing pooling strategies for different tests and phenotypes in GAW17 data set

From: Comparison of similarity-based tests and pooling strategies for rare variants

Scenario/Test MDMR SKAT KBAT U-Test
Q1 0.84 (KDR) 0.45 (ARNT) 0.22 (ARNT) 0.145 (HIF3A)
Q2 0.605 (VNN1) 0.5 (VNN1) 0.42 (VNN1) 0.535 (VNN1)
Dichotomous 0.77 (FLT1) 0.42 (PRKCA) 0.43 (PRKCA) 0.535 (FLT1)
  1. The genes at which the maximum difference was achieved are in brackets.