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Figure 2

From: Comparison of genotyping using pooled DNA samples (allelotyping) and individual genotyping using the affymetrix genome-wide human SNP array 6.0

Figure 2

Error of difference between both DNA-pools. The absolute difference (error) of the difference between DNA-Pool 1 and DNA-Pool 2 allele frequencies (y-axis) compared to the expected difference of the allele frequency based on individual genotyping using the corresponding RAS calculation method (x-axis). Birdseed2: uncorrected RAS values obtained using the Birdseed2 algorithm; CEL: uncorrected RAS values obtained from CEL files; k: k-corrected RAS value; n: tan-correction using the specified value for n as parameter; PPC: PPC corrected RAS values. The horizontal lines represent the median error, the bars show the 90% quantile and the length of the whiskers corresponds to the standard deviation of the error. The errors were estimated using the MAF >1% SNP set.

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