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Figure 5

From: Transcriptional analysis of abdominal fat in genetically fat and lean chickens reveals adipokines, lipogenic genes and a link between hemostasis and leanness

Figure 5

Transcriptional regulation of gene interaction network in abdominal fat of FL and LL chickens controlling lipogenesis. Functional gene interactions and up-stream regulators were identified by IPA (gene symbols and color schemes as described in Figure 2). Direct interactions (solid lines) were found among transcription regulators [JUN, SREBF1, SIRT2, MID1IP1, NR1H2 (LXRB) and THRSP] and lipogenic genes (A). ✝THRSP and its paralog MID1IP1 (or THRSP-like, THRSPL) were not con sidered as transcription regulators by IPA software. THRSPA was added to this network based on microarray and qRT-PCR analysis (Additional files 3 and 7) and known involvement of THRSP in regulating expression of lipogenic enzymes across multiple species of birds and mammals. This analysis of upstream regulators predicts activation of JUN (B) and sterol response element binding factor 1 (SREBF1) (C), which would lead to inhibition or activation [orange edges (lines)] expression of DE target genes. Gene symbol color indicates higher expression in the FL (red) or higher expression (green) in the LL.

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