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Table 3 Top 20 most highly expressed transcripts in P . quinquefolius root transcriptome evaluated across all developmental stages

From: The root transcriptome for North American ginseng assembled and profiled across seasonal development

Unique ID RPKM Function
Pq00.2 50250.3 Ribonuclease-like storage protein [Panax ginseng]
Pq00.1 34703.4 Ribonuclease-like storage protein [Panax ginseng]
Pq250.4 14090.4 Specific abundant protein-like protein 1 [Panax quinquefolius]
Pq230.7 9875.59 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 2 [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq411.1 9742.28 Tonoplast intrinsic protein [Panax ginseng]
Pq291.2 8594.7 Methionine synthase [Hemp broomrape]
Pq420.1 8176.25 Major latex-like protein [Panax ginseng]
Pq480.1 7957.75 Ribosomal protein L15 [Populus balsamifera subsp. trichocarpa]
Pq380.1 7692.05 tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase (SpoU) family protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq540.1 7655.38 Thioredoxin H-type 1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq140.1 7191.77 Plasma membrane intrinsic protein PIP1-1 [Fraxinus excelsior]
Pq323.5 7188.64 Ascorbate peroxidase [Nicotiana tabacum]
Pq140.3 6558.44 Aquaporin [Iris hollandica]
Pq470.11 6270.28 Actin 7 [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq430.1 6038.08 Translation initiation factor SUI1 family protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq660.2 6003.21 Nucleic acid-binding, OB-fold-like protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq93.7 5982.31 Dehydrin 4 [Panax ginseng]
Pq740.1 5947.93 β-amylase 3 [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq400.1 5940.15 DCD domain protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Pq571.2 5831.33 Catalase 2 [Arabidopsis thaliana]