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Table 2 The results of the combined SiMES and SINDI data analysis and the single-SNP p-values from the original article

From: Combined genotype and haplotype tests for region-based association studies

  COL8A2 ZNF469-LOC100128913 RXRA-COL5A1 COL8A2- TRAPPC3 C7orf42
Chromosome 1 16 9 1 7
Number of SNPs 4 27 73 3 6
Genotype SKAT 3.68E-13 2.13E-15 4.06E-12 2.63E-08 2.55E-07
Haplotype SKAT 5.58E-10 0.149394 0.79 2.78E-05 0.005
MinP-val 3.68E-13 4.22E-15 8.11E-12 4E-08 4.96E-07
SumP-val 1.77E-11 9.44E-10 7.90E-06 4E-08 2.60E-05
Single-SNP analysis* rs96067: 5.4E-13 rs9938149: 1.63E-16 rs12447690: 1.92E-14 rs1536478: 3.5E-9 - -
  1. Genome-wide significant p-values for gene-based tests are shown in bold. * SiMES and SINDI meta analysis p-values from Vithana et al. [41].