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Figure 3

From: Chromosome rearrangements, recombination suppression, and limited segregation distortion in hybrids between Yellowstone cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri) and rainbow trout (O. mykiss)

Figure 3

Map distance comparison between the female-merged F 1 hybrid map and the female consensus RBT map. Selected linkage groups show map distance comparisons in centiMorgans (cM) across the same markers in the F1 hybrid map (X-axis) and the rainbow trout (RBT) map (Y-axis). Black diamonds indicate mapped markers (p to q orientation) and brackets indicate putative centromere locations for metacentric linkage groups identified in Guyomard et al. (2006). For acrocentric linkage groups, the marker closest to the centromere is plotted at zero. Significant differences in recombination (P-values) between the female-merged F1 and consensus RBT female maps across linkage groups are indicated (ns, not significant). See Additional file4 for comparisons across all linkage groups.

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