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Table 4 Description of plasmids present in E. faecium strain Aus0085

From: Comparative analysis of the complete genome of an epidemic hospital sequence type 203 clone of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium

  Aus0085_p1 Aus0085_p2 Aus0085_p3 Aus0085_p4 Aus0085_p5 Aus0085_p6
Length 130,716 bp 67,314 bp 31,004 bp 9,319 bp 4,072 bp 2,189 bp
GC content 34.9% 35.2% 34.6% 30.9% 36.2% 38.9%
Rep family 2 17 2 Unique 14 14
No. of CDS 162 78 42 12 5 1
Comments *F.O.I: genes related to lactose metabolism (p1096 to p1105), citrate metabolism (p1074 to p1084) Similar to Aus0004_p1. F.O.I: toxin-antitoxin system (p3009 and p3010) F.O.I: bacteriocin, lactococcin 972 family Similar to Aus0004_p3 Comprised of only a rep protein, similar to cryptic plasmid pRI1
aphA, sat4, aadE aminoglycoside resistance (p3013, p3015 and p3016)
Toxin-antitoxin sytem (p1087 to p1090)
Lincosamide nucleotidyltransferase
  1. *F.O.I features of interest.