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Table 1 Comments provided by the students describing their thoughts about the ecological metagenomics course

From: Microbes, metagenomes and marine mammals: enabling the next generation of scientist to enter the genomic era

Student Comment
1 This next generation sequencing experience has been educational beyond any class I have taken. It would be a mistake if this class were terminated. It would be a mistake if Dr Dinsdale was not given props for organizing this class. She needs to teach it again – it was fun!
2 I thought this class was very interesting and needs better advertising. I got into the course by accident but the quality of the course deserves more student interest. Being an ecology guy, I would have liked to have more background on how these microbial communities can affect the larger environment.
3 This was a very exciting course that introduced what I think is the next big thing in science. Being able to sequence essentially on demand is going to enhance a lot of research. It was a lot of stuff to take in.
4 This was one of my favourite courses I’ve ever taken at SDSU. I feel like I’ve learned so much and this class has spawned my interest in genomics. I am really excited about the new technology this class offers and I would highly recommend this course to others. I am really glad I had the opportunity to take this course.
5 As a student, I feel that doing the labs I was given enough independence to feel I was doing the work on my own and with my lab mates. This is a very important part of a lab course and I believe it should be preserved.
6 I liked the course and learned a lot. I feel confident about the Next Generation Sequencing, but would suggest more time reading and understanding the flow grams and analysing the data.
7 This course has been very useful to me with every aspect of sequencing touched and explained.
8 Overall, it was a good course especially to me, who didn’t have any lab-experience. It taught me the lab side of the sequencing, the process and the chemistry involved.
9 I loved the class. I think designating 10/15 min at the end of the lecture to talk about what’s going on in lab for the week would have been useful, that way we can come to lab feeling more prepared.
10 This was a great course to take at SDSU and I am grateful for the opportunity to be one of the small numbers of students to take this course. All labs were hands on and very educational.
11 Excellent course! This course has opened doors for me in the industry! I have got 2 calls and had an interview by saying that I’ve taken the course.