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Figure 5

From: Modelling mutational and selection pressures on dinucleotides in eukaryotic phyla –selection against CpG and UpA in cytoplasmically expressed RNA and in RNA viruses

Figure 5

Mutation rates for sequence changes that remove CpG and UpA dinucleotides in different eukaryotes. (A) Rates for mutations removing CpG dinucleotides among the first three parameters for genomic DNA and mRNA sequences of different eukaryotes (B) Mutations removing UpA dinucleotides. Zero values indicate that mutational biases were not detected. Abbreviations: HS: H. sapiens; Pt: P. troglodytes; Mm: Mus musculus; Dr: D. rerio; Ci: C. intestinalis; Ce: C. elegans; Ag: A. gambiae; Dm: D. melanogaster.

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