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Table 2 Major plasma membrane and intracellular transporters of Wallemia ichthyophaga (Wi) and Wallemia sebi (Ws)

From: Genome and transcriptome sequencing of the halophilic fungus Wallemia ichthyophaga: haloadaptations present and absent

Cellular locationa Transporter type Substrate specificity/ main function Name of the Scbhomologue Number of homologues in Wic Number of homologues in Wsd
PM Channel K+ efflux Tok1 0 0
Uniporter K+ uptake Trk1,2 1 1
P-type ATPase Na+ (and Li+) efflux Ena1,2,5 2c 1
Antiporter Na+, (K+)/ H+ exchange Nha1 2 2
Antiporter Na+/H+ exchange / 1 1
Symporter Na+/Pi cotransporter Pho89 1 ↑d 1
P-type ATPase H+ export Pma1,2 3 2
unknown Permease Ca2+ permease / 1 1
Antiporter Ca2+/H+ exchange / 1 1
P-type ATPase cation transporting, unknown specificity / 2 ↓e 2
GA Antiporter K+/H+ exchange Kha1 2 2
P-type ATPase Ca2+ and Mn2+ transport into GA Pmr1 1 1
LE Antiporter Na+, (K+)/ H+ exchange Nhx1 1 1
Antiporter Na+, K+ /H+ exchange Vnx1 1 1
VAC V-type ATPase H+ in vacuole Vma1 1 1
P-type ATPase depleting cytosol of Ca2+ ions Pmc1 1 1
MTH Antiporter K+/H+ exchange Mrs7/Mdm38 1 1
  1. aPM plasma membrane, GA Golgi apparatus, LE late endosomes, VAC vacuole, MTH mitochondria.
  2. bSc, S. cerevisiae; bold numbers mark differences in numbers of transporters between W. ichthyophaga and W. sebi.
  3. c,d,e Differential expression of the transporter homologues in W. ichthyophaga (log2 ratios: c: ↓ -1.00; d: ↑ +1.52; e: ↓ -1.27).