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Figure 9

From: Leaf cDNA-AFLP analysis of two citrus species differing in manganese tolerance in response to long-term manganese-toxicity

Figure 9

The potential regulatory network of Mn-toxicity-induced senescene in Citrus grandis leaves. AAM: Amino acid metabolism; ALG2: Apoptosis linked gene 2 (ALG2)-interacting protein X; CBSDP: Cystathionine β-synthase (CBS) domain-containing protein; GST: Glutathione S-transferase; MAPK: mitogen-activated protein kinase; NAM: Nucleic acid metabolism; PCD: Programmed cell death; Pn: Photosynthesis; ROS: Reactive oxygen; SAP: Senescence-associated protein; ↑: Up-regulation; : Down-regulation.

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