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Table 2 Transcriptome assembly metrics

From: BSTA: a targeted approach combines bulked segregant analysis with next- generation sequencing and de novo transcriptome assembly for SNP discovery in sunflower

  Isogroups Category Large contigs (>499 nt)
Number 38,768 53,541 35,139
Average read number N/A 66.92 N/A
Average contig number 1.6 1.9 N/A
Maximum contig number 50 15 N/A
Average size [nt] N/A 1,077 997
L50 size [nt] N/A 1,296 1,079
Largest size [nt] N/A 14,431 9,147
  1. A sunflower transcriptome reference assembly (BRBS) was developed by combining reads from the resistant bulk (BR) and the susceptible bulk (BS).