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Table 6 DAVID analysis of differentially expressed genes between uninfected and MDV-infection (P<0.05) in broilers and layers

From: Comparison and contrast of genes and biological pathways responding to Marek’s disease virus infection using allele-specific expression and differential expression in broiler and layer chickens

Category Term Count % P-Value
A. Broilers
KEGG_PATHWAY Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 15 2.8 4.90E-04
KEGG_PATHWAY Notch signaling pathway 7 1.3 4.20E-03
KEGG_PATHWAY Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 8 1.5 2.10E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Jak-STAT signaling pathway 9 1.7 5.30E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) 8 1.5 5.80E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Focal adhesion 11 2 9.30E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Arachidonic acid metabolism 4 0.7 9.80E-02
B. Layers
KEGG_PATHWAY Steroid hormone biosynthesis 6 1.4 8.80E-04
KEGG_PATHWAY Calcium signaling pathway 11 2.5 7.30E-03
KEGG_PATHWAY Lysosome 8 1.9 1.50E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 7 1.6 2.10E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Vascular smooth muscle contraction 7 1.6 3.50E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Drug metabolism 4 0.9 4.20E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P450 4 0.9 4.20E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Jak-STAT signaling pathway 8 1.9 4.20E-02
KEGG_PATHWAY Glutathione metabolism 4 0.9 7.00E-02