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Table 3 Summary of the NGS short reads data of the tree genome data

From: Alignment-free supervised classification of metagenomes by recursive SVM

Group SRX number SRR number (run) # of bases
Fagaceae SRX017683 SRR037802 1.2G
SRX017436 SRR037484 0.816G
SRX017340 SRR037437 1.4G
SRX017339 SRR037158 0.979G
SRX017338 SRR037157 1.2G
  SRX016680 SRR035946 1.1G
Moraceae SRX017643 SRR037748 1.2G
SRX017840 SRR038268 1.1G
SRX017740 SRR037888 0.487G
  SRX017645 SRR037751 0.899G