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Table 1 E. tarda strains sequenced in this study

From: Comparative genomics reveals that a fish pathogenic bacterium Edwardsiella tarda has acquired the locus of enterocyte effacement (LEE) through horizontal gene transfer

  Strain Source Characteristics Place of isolation Isolation year
Fish-pathogenic NUF806 flounder (kidney) serotype A Nagasaki, Japan 1997
E22 eel (blood) serotype A attenuated during cultivation Shizuoka, Japan 1972
FPC503 red sea bream (kidney) serotype A nonmotile Nagasaki, Japan 1980
Non-pathogenic SU100 eel pond serotype C Shizuoka, Japan 1980
SU117 eel pond N.D. Shizuoka, Japan 1980
SU138 eel gut serotype B Shizuoka, Japan 1980
SU244 eel pond serotype D Shizuoka, Japan 1988
Reference strain ATCC23685 human O1958: H18 USA N.D.