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Table 2 List of candidate genes for phosphine resistance in Chr8 and Chr9 (Uns-7)

From: Rapid genome wide mapping of phosphine resistance loci by a simple regional averaging analysis in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum

Gene ID Protein accession Homology in Drosophila E-value Predicted biological function/identity
TC005925 EFA09201 CG5255 7.00E-28 Trypsin like serine protease H65
TC005926 EFA08291 NA NA Unknown function
TC005927 EFA08292 CG13804 3.00E-150 Yellow-g2
TC005928 EFA08293 CG6543 3.00E-158 Cyclohex-1-ene-1-carboxyl-CoA hydratase; enoyl CoA hydratase
TC005929 EFA08294 CG2663 3.00E-36 Sec14p-like lipid-binding domain; Alpha tocopherol transfer protein
TC005930 EFA08295 CG13096 1.00E-28 Ribosomal protein L1
TC005931 EFA08296 NA NA Unknown function
TC005932 EFA08297 CG5670 0 Na(+)/K(+) ATPase alpha subunit
TC006224 EFA08569 CG12880 5.00E-29 Unknown function
TC006225 EFA08570 CG7463 1.00E-06 Yellow-k
TC006226 EFA08571 CG5717 3.00E-160 Yellow-g
TC006227 EFA08572 CG9792 1.00E-116 Yellow-e
TC006228 EFA08573 NA   Unknown function
TC006229 EFA08574 CG9891 9.00E-89 Yellow-e3
TC006230 EFA08575 CG1629 2.00E-132 Yellow-h
TC006231 EFA08576 CG13279 9.00E-104 Cytochrome b5 related; Fatty acid desaturase
TC006232 EFA08577 CG13279 1.00E-117 Cytochrome b5 related; Fatty acid desaturase
Chr9 (Uns-7)
TC006821 EFA13109 CG17514 0 Translational activator gcn-1, partial; Translator activator activity
TC006822 EFA13110 CG7430 1.00E-48 Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase E3 subunit
TC006823 EFA13111 CG7430 1.00E-82 Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase E3 subunit
TC006824 EFA13130 CG42698 7.00E-111 Pou domain motif 3
TC006825 EFA13112 CG6551 3.00E-104 Serine/threonine protein kinase
TC006826 EFA13113 CG6551 8.00E-38 Serine/threonine protein kinase
TC006827 EFA13114 CG6551 6.00E-38 Serine/threonine protein kinase
TC006828 EFA13115 CG6178 5.00E-87 Fatty acetyl coA synthese activity
TC006829 NA CG11715 4.37E-08 Cytochrome P450; Cyp4g15
TC006830 EFA13116 CG3800 1.00E-03 Polyprotein; Nucleic acid binding protein
TC006831 EFA13117 CG14660 3.90E-02 Putative serine protease; Labial associated factor
TC006832 EFA13118 CG3104 1.00E-18 Dopamine transporter; Ankyrin repeats involving in protein-protein interactions
TC006833 EFA13119 CG6178 5.00E-102 AMP binding enzyme; Fatty aceyl coA synthese activity
TC006834 EFA13120 CG6551 6.00E-17 Serine/threonine protein kinase; ATP Binding
TC006835 EFA13121 CG3104 2.00E-18 Dopamine transporter; Ankyrin repeats involving in protein-protein interactions
TC006836 EFA13122 NA NA Unknown function
TC006837 EFA13123 CG42231 3.00E-10 Unknown function; Uncharacterized conserved protein
TC006838 EFA13124 CG5245 6.25E-49 Nucleic acid/Zinc ion binding
TC006840 EFA13125 CG14938 3.00E-56 Nucleic acid/Zinc ion binding