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Figure 2

From: DNA repair in Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Figure 2

Transcription of genes of M. gallisepticum involved in DNA repair and homeostasis. A – Transcription profiles of DNA repair and homeostasis genes under different conditions. 23S rRNA gene was used as a reference. Genes with q-values less than 0.05 were considered to change the expression significantly. Colors indicate direction (red for upregulation, blue for downregulation) and level of expression change (log2). Gray indicates no statistically significant change in expression (t-test, BH-correction, q-value > 0.05); tet – tetracycline treatment, cfx – ciprofloxacin treatment. B – Kinetics of the transcriptional response during heat stress. Each box shows a different expression pattern (see Methods). Individual genes are shown by lines. Only genes that significantly change expression with at least one stress duration are shown. Gene expressions were normalized to mean zero and variance one before plotting. Distributions of normalized expressions for given stress duration and pattern are shown by boxes. Genes with the same rank in all conditions were considered to have similar expression patterns. Only genes with significant expression changes between control and at least one stress duration were used.

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