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Table 2 Division of TNR- and variant-encoded homo-AA proteins

From: Repeat-encoded poly-Q tracts show statistical commonalities across species

  TNR-encoded Variant-encoded All
Species homo-AA proteins homo-AA proteins homo-AA proteins
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 96 224 299
Arabidopsis thaliana 337 985 1285
Caenorhabditis 67 834 892
Drosophila melanogaster 404 2083 2252
Mus musculus 253 1369 1530
Homo sapiens 342 1416 1661
  1. Note that a protein may contain both TNR- and variant-encoded homo-AA tracts. The number TNR-encoded proteins may be lower than the number of TNR tracts in exonic regions because a stricter criterion was applied to determine TNR-encoded homo-AA tracts, which did not allow for interruptions.