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Table 3 List of T3Es and T3SP identified in Xff 4834-R genome and their characteristics

From: Genome sequence of Xanthomonas fuscans subsp. fuscansstrain 4834-R reveals that flagellar motility is not a general feature of xanthomonads

T3E / T3SP Synonyms Function / features accession GC% Flanking sequences: IS, ARNt, integrase
Located on the chromosome
AvrBs2 . Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase XFF4834R_chr00460 63.60 integrase
XopA Hpa1/HpaG "Harpin," XFF4834R_chr41750 60.00 IS4
XopAD . SKWP repeat protein XFF4834R_chr40870 66.40 no
XopAE HpaF/HpaG LRR protein XFF4834R_chr38990 63.60 tRNA-Arg
XopAF AvrXv3 Unknown XFF4834R_chr42650 49.00 transposase mutator type
XopAK . Unknown XFF4834R_chr35620 58.60 no
XopAM . Unknown XFF4834R_chr33550 65.30 no
XopC2 . Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase XFF4834R_chr33300 63.20 no
XopE1 AvrXacE1 Putative transglutaminase XFF4834R_chr02600 63.40 no
XopF1 Hpa4 Unknown XFF4834R_chr03180 63.60 no
XopF2 . Unknown XFF4834R_chr18460 63.30 no
XopG . M27-family peptidase (Clostridium toxin) XFF4834R_chr10930 51.10 mutator type transposase
XopI . F-box protein XFF4834R_chr07620 65.10 no
XopJ5 AvrXccB Putative C55-family cysteine protease or Ser/Thr acetyltransferase (Clan CE) XFF4834R_chr16310 59.40 no
XopK . Unknown XFF4834R_chr15450   no
XopL XAC3090 LRR protein XFF4834R_chr15400 61.90 no
XopN . ARM/HEAT repeat XFF4834R_chr18430 63.30 no
XopP1 . Unknown XFF4834R_chr33320 61.60 no
XopP2 - Unknown XFF4834R_chr33310 60.10 no
XopQ . Putative inosine-uridine nucleoside N-ribohydrolase XFF4834R_chr42130 67.50 no
XopR . Unknown XFF4834R_chr25420 66.50 no
XopT . Unknown XFF4834R_chr23790 64.60 IS3/IS911; transposase mutator type
XopV . Unknown XFF4834R_chr42980 62.90 no
XopX . Unknown XFF4834R_chr42980 65.60 no
XopZ . Unknown XFF4834R_chr21120 65.50 recombination factor rarA
Located on plasmids
XfuTAL1 "Pth, TAL" AvrBs3/PthA-type transcription activator; 31,5 repeats of 34 aa. RVDs: NI NN NN HD NI HD HD HD HD HD NI NG NI NG NI NN NG NN HD HD NF HD NI HD HD HD HD HD NG NG XFF4834R_plb00200 66.80 IS3; ISXac2; Tn3 fragment; ISXco11; IS3/IS911
XfuTAL2 "Pth, TAL" AvrBs3/PthA-type transcription activator; 16,5 repeats of 34 aa. RVDs: NI NG HD NG HD NI NG NI HY NN N- HD NG HY NN HD NG XFF4834R_pla00470   
XopC1 . Phosphoribosyl transferase domain and haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase XFF4834R_plb00200 47.80 Tn3 fragment; ISXco11
XopE3 AvrXacE2 Putative transglutaminase XFF4834R_plb00200 59.40 Tn3 fragment; ISXco11