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Table 1 The PD query profile scores highly against nine other PD expression studies, thus validating the query as a disease signature

From: SPIEDw: a searchable platform-independent expression database web tool

Parkinson’s disease
Rank Series r Description
1 GSE8397 -0.92 Parkinsonian Brain
3 GSE20168 -0.88 Prefrontal area 9 in Parkinson’s disease
13 GSE7621 -0.82 Substantia nigra from postmortem human brain of Parkinson’s disease
21 GSE28894 -0.78 Multiple regions of the Parkinson’s disease brain
58 GSE20141 -0.62 Laser-dissected SNpc neurons in Parkinson’s disease
71 GSE4550 0.6 MPTP-treated macaques
89 GSE20292 -0.55 Substantia nigra in Parkinson’s disease
97 GSE19587 -0.53 Parkinson’s disease
99 GSE20291 -0.51 Putamen in Parkinson’s disease