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Table 1 Comparison of pTAL4 and pTAL7 vector systems

From: A modified TALEN-based system for robust generation of knock-out human pluripotent stem cell lines and disease models

  pTAL4 pTAL7
Site for GoldenGate TALEN Assembly Esp3I Esp3I
Bacterial Resistance Ampicillin Kanamycin
Screening for successful cloning LacZ LacZ
TALEN architecture Full length Voytas et al. [13] Truncated C- & N-termini similar to Miller et al. [6]
FokI nuclease Wild-type Wild-type
Expression system Yeast Mammalian cells (CAG promoter + chimeric intron + Kozak sequence)
Enrichment of transfected cells - GFP & Puromycin (pTAL7A) Blasticidin (pTAL7B)
In-vitro transcription - T7 promoter
Codon usage Not optimized for mammalian cells Optimized for mammalian cells
Tag - Flag tag