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Table 4 Putative ripening transcriptional regulator genes

From: Comparative genomics reveals candidate carotenoid pathway regulators of ripening watermelon fruit

Description Gene ID e-value* FDR
RIN-MADS (S. lycopersicum MADS-box transcription factor) Cla010815 3e-028 0.1738
Cla000691 2e-026 0.6762
TAGL1 (S. lycopersicum TAGL1 transcription factor) Cla009725 5e-034 0.7333
Cla019630 5e-022 0.6273
CNR (S. lycopersicum cultivar Ailsa Craig squamosa promoter binding-like protein) Cla003384 1e-063 0.0002
Cla001754 2e-043 0.0026
Cla013549 2e-018 0.9119
Cla019702 6e-16 0.0165
Cla009630 9e-15 0.7472
NAC-NOR (S. lycopersicum NAC domain protein) Cla023408 4e-017 0.0683
SIAP2a (S. lycopersicum AP2 transcription factor) Cla018268 2e-019 0.0271
Cla020243 3e-056 0.3045
Cla000701 6e-081 0.1955
SlERF6 (S. lycopersicum ERF6 mRNA) Cla021765 6e-015 0.0612
Cla003789 2e-012 0.0121
DET1 (S. lycopersicum deetiolated1 homolog) Cla021340 8e-013 0.2448
DDB1 (S. lycopersicum UV-damaged DNA binding protein 1) Cla019536 0 0.0646
CUL4 (S. lycopersicum cullin 4) Cla019583 1e-151 0.0646
HB-1 (S. lycopersicum homeodomain leucine zipper protein) Cla017080 3e-019 0.0073
  1. Genes were identified through Illumina Sequencing Technology in watermelon fruit using two biological replicas. In bold are indicated the genes differentially expressed during watermelon ripening with a FDR (False Discovery Rate) ≤ 0.05.
  2. *according to Swiss-Prot database.