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Table 1 Effects of various ENU concentrations on fertilization and hatching ratios of fugu

From: New approach for fish breeding by chemical mutagenesis: establishment of TILLING method in fugu (Takifugu rubripes) with ENU mutagenesis

ENU conc. (mg/kg body weight) Fertilization ratio (%) Hatching ratio (%)
0 67 53
7 69 56
70 68 54
70 73 58
70 76 61
120 75 40
  1. In vitro fertilization was carried out by using eggs from wild-type fugu and the sperm treated with ENU concentrations as described above. 100 of fertilized eggs in each family were counted at the 4 cell stage for fertilization ratio, while at the melanophore appearing stage for the hatching ratio. These ratios were calculated according to Methods. Founder fish treated with buffer was used as the control (ENU conc., 0 mg/kg).