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Table 2 Sry proteins encoded on the SHR Y-chromosome with GenBank accession codes

From: Analysis of Sry duplications on the Rattus norvegicus Y-chromosome

Sry gene Sequenced BACs (s) Protein product Confirmed sequence in SHR/Akr Confirmed sequence in WKY/Akr
nonHMG Sry AC239865.4 Predicted KC215139 KC215140
Sry1 AC243442 α EU984075 FJ168067
Sry2 AC240535.5 β FJ168057 FJ168068
Sry3 Not yet identified in BACs γ EU984077 Unconfirmed
Sry3A AC242859.2 δ EU984078 FJ168069
Sry3B AC241808.7, AC239817.2 ϵ FJ168058 FJ168070
Sry3BI AC242641 ζ FJ168059 FJ168071
Sry3BII AC240535.5, AC241808.7 ϵ Present Present
Sry3C AC243442 γ EU984076 FJ168072
Sry4 AC239701.6 η Present Present
Sry4A AC239865.4 θ Present Present