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Table 1 Top five predicted TFs for liver, retina and B cell

From: Predicting tissue specific transcription factor binding sites

TF Score Known functions in the corresponding tissue
A. Liver
Hnf4a 2.22 Essential for maintaining hepatic gene expression and lipid homeostasis[41]
Rara 1.90 Important in maintaining liver homeostasis, and its disruption is linked to hepatocarcinogenesis[57]
Nr2f2 1.56 Expressed in liver, and known to regulate liver-specific genes[58]
Rxra 1.45 Important role in liver metabolism[59]
Tcf7 1.44 Downstream regulator in Wnt signaling which is critical in liver physiology and pathology[60]
B. Retina
Crx 4.28 Regulates photoreceptor gene expression[40]
Pitx3 4.26 Required for normal retina formation in Xenopus and zebrafish[61, 62]
E2F3 4.06 Involved in retina progenitor cell development[63]
Pitx2 3.92 Pitx2-deficient mouse exhibits ocular abnormalities[64]
Gsc 3.89 Unknown function in retina.
C. CD19+ B cell
Sfpi1 2.09 Essential regulator of B-cell differentiation[65]
Pou2f2 2.08 Required for T-cell independent B cell activation[66]
Spic 1.98 Promotes B cell differentiation[67]
Pou2f3 1.94 Unknown function in B cell, but has almost the same binding preference as Pou2f2
Elf4 1.70 Regulates proliferation of B cells[68]