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Table 5 Head enriched transcripts that are up-regulated in tail fragments from 0 hours to 24 hours

From: The planarian regeneration transcriptome reveals a shared but temporally shifted regulatory program between opposing head and tail scenarios

ID Description
OX_Smed_1.0.08673 sine oculis 1/2-2-like (Six1/2-2) mRNA
OX_Smed_1.0.17714 Smed-NDK-4 mRNA
OX_Smed_1.0.15141 secreted frizzled protein-like protein (SFRP-a) mRNA
OX_Smed_1.0.22718 Smed-NDK mRNA
OX_Smed_1.0.10743 Wnt2-1 mRNA
OX_Smed_1.0.23033 PREP homeodomain-like protein
OX_Smed_1.0.20161 Smed-NDK-3 mRNA
OX_Smed_1.0.08771 Neural proliferation differentiation and control protein 1
OX_Smed_1.0.22104, OX_Smed_1.0.09924, OX_Smed_1.0.20209, OX_Smed_1.0.21359 Zinc metalloproteinase nas-15
OX_Smed_1.0.00351, OX_Smed_1.0.03637, OX_Smed_1.0.22204 Matrix metalloproteinase
OX_Smed_1.0.12599, OX_Smed_1.0.23351, OX_Smed_1.0.18149 Synaptotagmin
OX_Smed_1.0.14894 Isoform C of Homeobox protein orthopedia