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Table 4 IncI1 plasmid sequences analysed in this study

From: Evidence of microevolution of Salmonella Typhimurium during a series of egg-associated outbreaks linked to a single chicken farm

Plasmid Host bacteria Source MLST Accession Reference
P9 Shigella sonnei - ST11 AB021078 [28]
R64 Salmonella Typhimurium - ST13 AP005147 [29]
pSE11-1 Escherichia coli Human ST14 AP009241 [30]
R621a Salmonella Typhimurium - Novel AP011954 [31]
SL476 Salmonella Heidelberg Turkey ST15 CP001118 [32]
CVM29188 Salmonella Kentucky Chicken ST12 CP001121 [33]
pRK1 Escherichia coli Soil Novel CP002186 [34]
TY474p2 Salmonella Typhimurium - ST27 CP002489 [22]
pEKO1101 Escherichia coli Human Novel CP002517 [35]
pUKMNK88_91 Escherichia coli Pork ST19 CP002731 [36]
pESBL-EA11 Escherichia coli Human ST31 CP003290 [37]
pEK204 Escherichia coli Human ST16 EU935740 [38]
p746 Escherichia coli Human Novel FN822748 [39]
pEC_Bactec Escherichia coli Horse ST31 GU371927 [40]
pKHSB1 Shigella sonnei - ST16 HF572032 [41]
pND11_107 Escherichia coli Human ST69 HQ114281 [42]
pND12_96 Escherichia coli Human ST19 HQ114282 [42]
pCS0010A_95 Salmonella Kentucky Chicken ST7 HQ114283 [42]
pSH1148_107 Salmonella Heidelberg - ST26 JN983049 [43]
Plm Escherichia coli - Novel JQ901381 [44]
pSD107 Salmonella Derby Pork ST26 JX566770 [45]
pNF1358 Salmonella Thompson Human ST11 NC_019011 [46]
pSTM2 Salmonella Typhimurium Farm ST7 KF290378 This study
pSTM7 Salmonella Typhimurium Human ST3 KF290377 This study