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Figure 5

From: Reprogramming of lysosomal gene expression by interleukin-4 and Stat6

Figure 5

Effects of IL-4 exposure and Stat6 deficiency on lysosomal gene expression in mouse macrophages. Analyses are based on gene microarray data that have been previously described [64] [GEO:GSE25088]. RNA was from wild-type or Stat6-deficient mouse bone marrow macrophages cultured in triplicate for 10 days with 20 ng/ml M-CSF minus or plus 20 ng/ml IL-4. Gene expression profiles were obtained with Affymetrix Mouse_430_2 chips. Here, raw data were background-corrected, normalized and converted to log (base 2) fold changes as described in Methods. Detailed results are given in Additional file 9. (A-C) Venn diagrams were generated using Biovenn [65]. (D) Heat map indicating expression levels for lysosomal genes decreased at least two-fold in Stat6-/- versus Stat6+/+ macrophages grown in the presence of IL-4. Log (base 2) changes in expression are given relative to those in wild-type cells grown without IL-4.

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