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Table 1 List of the T3E genes currently identified in the R. solanacearum species complex and proposal for a unified nomenclature

From: Repertoire, unified nomenclature and evolution of the Type III effector gene set in the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex

Proposed T3E family name Representative gene member Former/other name Hop/Xop homolo-gues Functional domain/motif or Function Evidence for T3SS-dependent secretion or translocation
RipA1 RSc2139 AWR1    RipA1 [23]
RipA2 RSp0099 RipA, Rip29, Hpx31, AWR2    RipA [5], Rip29 [6]
RipA3 RSp0846 Rip44, Hpx32, AWR3    Rip44 [6]
RipA4 RSp0847 Rip45, Hpx4, AWR4    Rip45 [6]
RipA5 RSp1024 Rip56, Hpx10, AWR5    Rip56 [6]
RipB Rsc0245 RipB, Rip2, Hpx11 HopQ/XopQ Nucleoside N-ribohydrolase RipB [5], Rip2 [6]
RipC1 RSp1239 Rip62 XopC   Rip62 [6]
RipC2 CFBP2957 RCFBP_mp20032   XopC   
RipD RSp0304 Rip34, Hpx25, Brg8 HopD/XopB   Rip34 [6]
RipE1 RSc3369 Rip26, Brg9 HopX/XopE   Rip26 [6]
RipE2 CFBP2957 RCFBP_mp10565   HopX/XopE   
RipF1 RSp1555 PopF1, PopF2, Rip70   T3SS translocator RipF1 [6], PopF1 [35]
RipF2 CFBP2957 RCFBP_mp30453    T3SS translocator  
RipG1 RSp0914 Gala1, Rip53   F-box Leucine-Rich Repeats Rip53 [6]
RipG2 RSp0672 Gala2, Rip37, Hpx20   F-box LRR protein Rip37 [6]
RipG3 RSp0023 Gala3, Rip28   F-box LRR protein Rip28 [6]
RipG4 RSc1800 Gala4, Rip17, Hpx15   F-box LRR protein Rip17 [6]
RipG5 RSc1801 Gala5, Rip18, Hpx16   F-box LRR protein Rip18 [6]
RipG6 RSc1356 RipG, Gala6, Rip13, Hpx13   F-box LRR protein RipG [5], Rip13 [6]
RipG7 RSc1357 Gala7, Rip14, Hpx14   F-box LRR protein Gala7 [16], Rip14 [6]
RipG8 CMR15 CMR15v4_10224 Gala8    
RipH1 RSc1386 HLK1, Rip15, Brg19 XopP   Rip15 [6]
RipH2 RSp0215 HLK2, Rip32 XopP   Rip32 [6]
RipH3 RSp0160 HLK3, Rip30, Brg18 XopP   Rip30 [6]
RipH4 Psi07 RPSI07_mp0161 HLK4 XopP   
RipI RSc0041 Rip1    Rip1 [6]
RipJ RSc2132 Rip22 HopZ/XopJ Putative acetyltransferase Rip22 [6]
RipK CFBP2957 RCFBP_mp10024    YopJ acetyltransferase domain  
RipL RSp0193 Rip31, Brg22   Pentatricopeptide Repeats Rip31 [6]
RipM RSc1475 Rip16, Brg42    Rip16 [6]
RipN RSp1130 Rip58, Hpx26, Brg44   Nudix hydrolase domain Rip58 [6]
RipO1 RSp0323 Rip35, Brg12 HopG   Rip35 [6]
RipO2 R. syzygii RALSY_mp30159   HopG   
RipP1 RSc0826 PopP1, Rip7 HopZ/XopJ Putative acetyltransferase Rip7 [6], PopP1 [36]
RipP2 RSc0868 PopP2, Rip8 HopZ/XopJ Acetyltransferase PopP2 [5], Rip8 [6]
RipP3 UW163 [GenBank accession : CAF32358.1] PopP3 HopZ/XopJ Putative acetyltransferase  
RipQ RSp1277 Rip63, Hpx23 HopAA   Rip63 [6]
RipR RSp1281 Rip64, Hpx24, Brg15, PopS HopR   Rip64 [6]
RipS1 RSc3401 SKWP1, Rip27, Hpx37 XopAD Heat/Armadillo repeat domain Rip27 [6]
RipS2 RSp1374 SKWP2, Rip65, Hpx36   Heat/Armadillo repeat domain Rip65 [6]
RipS3 RSp0930 SKWP3, Rip54   Heat/Armadillo repeat domain Rip54 [6]
RipS4 RSc1839 SKWP4, Rip20, Hpx30   Heat/Armadillo repeat domain Rip20 [6]
RipS5 RSp0296 SKWP5, Rip33, Hpx34   Heat/Armadillo repeat domain Rip33 [6]
RipS6 RSc2130 SKWP6   Heat/Armadillo repeat domain  
RipS7 Molk2 RSMK02658 SKWP7   Heat/Armadillo repeat domain  
RipS8 Psi07 RSPsi07_1850 SKWP8   Heat/Armadillo repeat domain  
RipT RSc3212 RipT, Rip25 HopC Putative cysteine protease RipT [5], Rip25 [6]
RipU RSp1212 Rip59    Rip59 [6]
RipV1 RSc1349 Rip12, Hpx29, Brg17   Ubiquitin ligase domain Rip12 [6]
RipV2 Psi07 RSPsi07_1895    Ubiquitin ligase domain  
RipW RSc2775 PopW, Rip24   Harpin, Pectate lyase Rip24 [6], PopW [34]
RipX RSp0877 PopA, Rip49   Harpin Rip49 [6], PopA [74]
RipY RSc0257 Rip3, Brg23   Ankyrin Repeats Rip3 [6]
RipZ RSp1031 Rip57, Brg38    Rip57 [6]
RipAA RSc0608 AvrA, Rip5, Brg46    AvrA [31], Rip5 [6]
RipAB RSp0876 PopB, Rip48    Rip48 [6], PopB [33]
RipAC RSp0875 PopC, Rip47 XopAE Leucine-Rich Repeats Rip47 [6], PopC [33]
RipAD RSp1601 Rip72    Rip72 [6]
RipAE RSc0321 Rip4 HopZ/XopJ Putative acetyltransferase Rip4 [6]
RipAF1 RSp0822 Rip40 HopF PutativeADP-ribosyltransferase Rip40 [6]
RipAF2 R. syzygii RALSY_20037   HopF PutativeADP-ribosyltransferase  
RipAG RSc0824 Rip6    Rip6 [6]
RipAH RSc0895 Rip11    Rip11 [6]
RipAI RSp0838 Rip41    Rip41 [6]
RipAJ RSc2101 Rip21, Hpx18    Rip21 [6]
RipAK RSc2359 Rip23, Hpx28, Brg36    Rip23 [6]
RipAL UW551 RRSL_02221 Rip38   Lipase domain Rip38 [6]
RipAM RSc3272 Brg40    This work Additional file 3
RipAN RSp0845 Rip43, Hpx33, Brg33    Rip43 [6]
RipAO RSp0879 Rip50, Hpx2, Brg34    Rip50 [6]
RipAP UW551 RRSL_04655 Rip60   Ankyrin Repeats Rip60 [6]
RipAQ RSp0885 Rip51, Brg35    Rip51 [6]
RipAR RSp1236 Rip61   Ubiquitin ligase domain Rip61 [6]
RipAS RSp1384 Rip66, Hpx9, Brg43    Rip66 [6]
RipAT RSp1388 Rip67, Brg48    Rip67 [6]
RipAU RSp1460 Rip68, Hpx8, Brg45    Rip68 [6]
RipAV RSp0732 Rip39, Hpx27, Brg39 HopAV   Rip39 [6]
RipAW RSp1475 Rip69   Ubiquitin ligase domain Rip69 [6]
RipAX1 RSc3290 Brg13 HopH/XopG   
RipAX2 RSp0572 Rip36, Brg14 HopH/XopG   Rip36 [6]
RipAY RSp1022 Rip55, Hpx21, Brg37    Rip55 [6]
RipAZ1 RSp1582 Rip71    Rip71 [6]
RipAZ2 R. syzygii RALSY_20407     
RipBA RSc0227, RSp0228 [pseudogene]   AvrRpm1   
RipBB Psi07 RPSI07_mp0573    Ankyrin repeats  
RipBC CFBP2957 RCFBP_mp30170    YopJ acetyltransferase domain & Ankyrin Repeats  
RipBD R. syzygii RALSY_20184   HopAF   
RipBE RS1000 Rip10 Rip10 XopAR   Rip10 [6]
RipBF Psi07 RPSI07_2863   HopV   
RipBG Molk2 RSMK00763   HopAB Ubiquitin ligase domain  
RipBH Psi07 RPSI07_mp1715    Shigella flexneri OspD family  
RipBI CFBP2957 RCFBP_mp30113   XopX   
RipTAL1 RSc1815 Rip19, Hpx17, Brg11 TAL Putative transcription factor Rip19 [6]
RipTPS RSp0731    Trehalose-phosphate synthase Manuscript in preparation
  1. A representative gene member for each family is provided (gene nomenclature from strain GMI1000 unless otherwise stated) with other names published in the literature. Homologues T3E from Pseudomonas syringae sp. (Hop) or Xanthomonas sp. (Xop) are indicated. The last column lists T3E for which Type 3 secretion system-dependent secretion or translocation was experimentally demonstrated.