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Table 1 Age associated differentially expressed genes in mature and old R15 single neurons

From: Age-associated bidirectional modulation of gene expression in single identified R15 neuron of Aplysia

Microarray probe Accession ID Aplysia genes Fold change E-value
ID    Mature Old
UF_Ac_120286_a1 NM_001204602.1 p38 MAP kinase 9   4.00E-111
UF_Ac_100654_b3 NM_001204622.1 Carboxy 6   1.00E-45
   peptidase D    
UF_Ac_107934_m1 NM_001204626.1 PKA type II regulatory subunit 4   5.00E-06
UF_Ac_100564_b3 NM_001204701.1 CREB2 3   0
CUST_1610_PI418051350 NM_001204704.1 S6 kinase 2   1.00E-13
CUST_2099_PI418051350 NM_001204691.1 Churchill   2 2.00E-112
UF_Ac_120932_a1 NM_001204726.1 Adenylate cyclase   3 2.00E-18
UF_Ac_105136_m1 M14958.1 FMRFamide   3 2.00E-54
UF_Ac_100549_b3 NM_001204616.1 Temptin   19 0