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Table 2 Overview of metabolites (GC-MS and LC-MS) that are significantly differentially expressed in the targeted OnPLS model

From: OnPLS integration of transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic data shows multi-level oxidative stress responses in the cambium of transgenic hipI- superoxide dismutase Populus plants

Class Metabolite AS-SOD9   AS-SOD24
Phenolic glycoside Cinnamoyl-hexose /
  Coumaroyl-hexose /
  Ferulate-glycoside /
Amino Acid 3-Cyanoalanine /
Amine alcohol Ethanolamine /
Amino acid Glutamic acid /
  Ornithine /
  Arginine /
  GABA (4-aminobutyric acid) /
  Aspartic acid /
  Cycloleucine /
  Pyroglutamic acid /
  Phenylalanine /
  Valine /
  Glycine /
Dicarboxylic acid Glutaric acid /
Disaccharide Disaccharide /
  Sucrose /
Flavonoid Flavonoid /
Glucopyranoside Salicylic acid-Glucopyranoside /
Hexose phosphate Fructose-6-Phosphate /
  Glucose-6-Phosphate /
Hydroxy acid Shikimic acid /
Nucleoside Uridine /
Organic acid Threonic acid /
  Oxalic acid /
Phosphate Inositol phosphate-like /
Trisaccharide Raffinose /
  Xylose /
  1. Columns indicate: metabolites with similar classes grouped in rows; metabolite name; and abundance in AS-SOD9 and AS-SOD24 (relative to WT). Symbols indicate: ↑, upregulated; ↓, downregulated. Data shown in Additional file 2: Table S3.2.