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Figure 1

From: Genotyping 1000 yeast strains by next-generation sequencing

Figure 1

Library preparation pipeline. DNA isolation is performed with a 96-head liquid handling robot. DNA fragmentation is achieved by sonication, either in glass tubes (Covaris) or PCR strips (Bandelin). SPRI bead cleanup is automated on a 96-head liquid handling robot. Three enzymatic steps for barcoded adapter ligation are performed by addition of enzyme (+ buffer), incubation, and heat inactivation in a thermocycler. After pooling of 48 barcoded libraries, samples are concentrated and size-selected using an E-gel. PCR is performed on the size-selected pool to enrich for adapter containing fragments and elongate them to full-length libraries. A final cleanup is performed in PCR strips mounted to a homemade magnetic stand.

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