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Table 1 Genome statistics

From: The genome of Romanomermis culicivorax: revealing fundamental changes in the core developmental genetic toolkit in Nematoda

Species Approximate # Estimated Median Median GC Source
  genome size repeat content exon length intron length content  
C.elegans 100Mb 17% (16.5%) 145bp 69bp 38% [17, 18]
P. pacificus 165Mb 15.3% (17%) 85bp 141bp 42% [20, 25]
A. suum 334Mb 4.4% 144bp 907bp 37.9% [21, 40]
B. malayi 95Mb 16.5% (15%) 140bp 219bp 30% [22]
B. xylophilus 69Mb 22,5% 183bp 69bp 40% [25]
M. incognita 200Mb 36,7% 136bp 82bp 31% [24]
T. spiralis 63Mb 19.8% (18%) 128bp 283bp 34% [27]
R. culicivorax >270Mb 48.2% 161bp 405bp 36% this work
  1. Repeat content of different nematode genomes appears not to be directly correlated with genome size. Re-calculation in selected genomes shows little deviance from published data (in parentheses) and thus indicates the validity of our inference for R. culicivorax.
  2. For B. xylophilus and M. incognita only reference data is given as the same programs were used for initial inference (see references); A. suum not re-calculated.
  3. #M. incognita genome size given as 86Mbp in [24] has been re-estimated to about 150Mbp (E. Danchin pers. comm.).
  4. Median lengths for A. suum and T. spiralis were calculated in this work as these data are not given in the cited publications.