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Table 2 Assembly and annotation statistics

From: The genome of Romanomermis culicivorax: revealing fundamental changes in the core developmental genetic toolkit in Nematoda

Metric Result
Contigs >100bp span 267,342,457bp
Scaffolds >500bp span 322,765,761bp
Num. contigs/scaffolds 62,537
N50 contigs/scaffolds >500bp 17,632 bp
N50 scaffolds >500bp 29,995bp
Max contig length 28,847bp
Max scaffold length 201,054bp
Mean transcript length 593bp
Mean protein length 190aa
MAKER AUGUSTUS predictions 12,026 proteins
MAKER SNAP predictions 36,145 proteins
Num. ESTs (isogroups) 22,418 ESTs
Mean EST length 330bp
80% BLAT sequence coverage 21,204 ESTs
CEGMA compl. completeness 75.40%
CEGMA Group 1 part. compl. 81.82%
CEGMA Group 2 part. compl. 91.07%
CEGMA Group 3 part. compl. 91.80%
CEGMA Group 4 part. compl. 95.38%