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Table 1 Sequence coverage for the three natural RNA viral samples and the two plasmid control samples

From: Ultra-deep mutant spectrum profiling: improving sequencing accuracy using overlapping read pairs

  Rabies Fox1 Rabies Fox2 BCV BCV-Control Rabies-Control
No. bases sequenced 10,905 bp 11,183 bp 13,434 bp 1,012 bp 1,128 bp
Raw/single read coverage 518,930 522,347 356,027 732,294 4,306,793
ORP (Q≥30) coverage 80,546 96,198 79,037 128,943 773,021
Singleton ends coverage 139,599 114,217 69,584 176,087 1,098,167
  1. Mean coverage per base is shown for raw reads (single, unpaired reads), overlapped regions of read pairs and singleton ends portions of the read pairs. Coverage for overlapping read pairs (ORP Q≥30) are reported in the unit of pairs in this table, to reflect that the two strands in the pair report redundant information on one insert fragment.