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Table 1 Additional information sources.

From: Improved moderation for gene-wise variance estimation in RNA-Seq via the exploitation of external information

Species Tissue Replicates Platform Source GEO accession
  Liver 6    
  Spleen 6    
C57BL/6J mouse Thymus 6 RNA-Seq Keane et al. (2011) [25] GSE30617
  Lung 6    
  Heart 6    
  Hippocampus 6    
C57BL/6J mouse Striatum 4 RNA-Seq Polymenidou et al. (2011) [27] GSE27218
C57BL/6J mouse Striatum 10 microarray Bottomly et al. (2011) [17] GSE26024
  1. Variance estimates from these three datasets are be used to improve the estimation of the common variance function in the main analysis dataset.