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Table 1 Modularity analysis from SHCN

From: Analysis of schizophrenia and hepatocellular carcinoma genetic network with corresponding modularity and pathways: novel insights to the immune system

Gene module by MCL algorithm Functional annotations by DAVID
DPP4, FCGR3A, PTPRC, IFNAR1, IFNA1, LCK T cell activation, leukocyte and lymphocyte activation, cell surface receptor linked signal transduction Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
ATF3, RNF187, MAFB, JUN, ASCC2 Transcription factor activity, DNA binding, regulation of transcription
FUT4, ITGB2, TLR4, CD14, PRKCH Inflammatory response, receptor complex
VEPH1, BMPR1B, RPS27A Cell part
TCERG1, WAS, FYB Unknown
TRPC4, TRPC5, ITPR2 Calcium binding, intrinsic to membrane
TBC1D8, TRAF4, SORBS2 Alternative splicing