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Table 2 Clique-4 complexes in SHCN

From: Analysis of schizophrenia and hepatocellular carcinoma genetic network with corresponding modularity and pathways: novel insights to the immune system

Complex name Functional annotation by DAVID
CBP-RARA-RXRA-DNA complex RNA synthesis, transcriptional control and activation
CD20-LCK-FYN-p75/80 complex Cellular signaling transduction, protein tyrosine kinase
LCK-SLP76-PLC-gamma-1-LAT complex Transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathways, immune response
MDC1-H2AFX-TP53BP1 complex Mitotic cell cycle and cell cycle control, DNA damage response
NCOA6-DNA-PK-Ku-PARP1 complex Cell cycle and DNA processing, DNA recombination and DNA repair
Notch1-p56LCK-PI3K complex RNA synthesis, transcription activation and control
P53-BARD1-Ku70 complex Cell death, apoptosis
RC complex Cell cycle, DNA synthesis and replication