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Table 3 Potential drugs discovered from Clique-5 network

From: Analysis of schizophrenia and hepatocellular carcinoma genetic network with corresponding modularity and pathways: novel insights to the immune system

Drug ID Gene Name Drug Name Drug Class
DB00002 FCGR3A Cetuximab Immune
DB00028 FCGR3A Immunoglobulin Immune
DB00073 FCGR3A Rituxan Immune
DB00098 CD4 Thymoglobulin Immune
DB00210 RARA Adapalene Retinoids
DB00227 HDAC2 Lovastatin Cholesterol-lowering agent
DB00269 ESR1 Estrogen Sex hormone
DB00279 THRA T3, liothyronine Thyroid hormone
DB00279 THRB T3, liothyronine Thyroid hormone
DB00655 ESR1 Estrone Sex hormone
DB00799 RARA Tazarotene Retinoids
DB00890 ESR1 Dienestrol Sex hormone
DB00947 ESR1 Fulvestrant Anti-cancer
DB01254 LCK Dasatinib Tyrosine kinase inhibitor
DB02010 LCK Indolocarbazole Protein kinase C inhibitor
DB02010 ZAP70 Indolocarbazole Protein kinase C inhibitor
DB02546 HDAC1 Vorinostat Anti-cancer
DB02546 HDAC2 Vorinostat Anti-cancer
DB03496 CDK1 Flavopiridol Anti-cancer
DB04574 ESR1 Estropipate Sex hormone
DB04942 RARA Tamibarotene Retinoids
DB06713 ESR1 Norelgestromin Sex hormone