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Table 1 Exemplar archived databases.

From: Simple re-instantiation of small databases using cloud computing

Exemplar Archived Databases




(available at published URL)

Allergen Atlas [8]


Customary Medicinal Knowledgebase (CMKb) [9]


MHC-Peptide Interaction Database-TR version 2 (MPID-T2) [10]


Signal Peptide Database (SPDB) [11]


STATdb: A specialised resource for STAT proteins (


Sub-Domain (


Type III Secretion System Effector Database [12]


NFκB Base (


(not available at published URL, but copy maintained elsewhere)

MHC-Peptide Interaction Database version T (MPID-T) [13]

  1. List of extant and extinct databases successfully archived for rapid re-instantiation by use of our cloud computing prototype platform ()