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Table 1 Details of sequence reads of 'Shotgun-SOLiD' dataset.

From: Analysis of the intestinal microbiota using SOLiD 16S rRNA gene sequencing and SOLiD shotgun sequencing

Data type (shotgun sample) File consisting forward reads File consisting reverse reads
Fasta file after quality filter 10,764,512 9,997,372
Reads of length 40+ bp 3,168,307 4,577,127
Reads where both the mates are 40+bp 791,321 791,321
Mates where one read is 40+bp other is <40bp 861,344 forward (40+bp) reads has <40bp reverse mates 1,798,245 reverse (40+bp) reads has <40bp forward mates
Total number of reads processed for BLAST 3,450,910 3,450,910